What did you buy today? (Part 1)

Figured we have what you are Listening to tonight what about what are you buying.
I will start
Meze 12
Campfire Audio Comet
I am getting addicted someone pry my wallet out of my hand.

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No headphones but bought some studio gear if that counts


yeah any audio gear or anything your pumped about

I got a good deal on a Weiss DNA1

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Nice! How is the studio building going?

Still in the design phase atm. Probably won’t start construction until next late spring unfortunately lol. Winter is already here and it’s not going anywhere soon

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Dang, When it happens it would be cool if we got some pictures of all the sexy gear :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I bought the SP200 THX888 amp. Really happy with it. got 10% off. I also found this super cool case on amazon for my audio stuff, customizable foam so i can use it for anything 25$. Saw something like it on Zeos:

I have OCD and people like me love customizable organization :yum:


Sounds like you will have to convert everything in your life to have a slant now


nah i take Lexapro :laughing:


@M0N beat me too it lol

Also I have slight ocd tendencies so everything is listed out in a spreadsheet and I have a case where it goes.

If I decide to quit my main job that would be pretty cool and I would finally be allowed to post pics and be more open lol (but we will see)


I hope it goes well for you and you can be independent! :+1:

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First come first serve Ikko Amazon usa 10% off

Currently I have these on the way;

Meze Rai Solo
Tinhifi T4
Guideray gr-i 18 (got these with my $20 coupon on linsoul)
Sendy Aiva

Just dropped the money on the aiva today, got a really good deal on a used pair at $375. Was thinking about buying the Semkarch skc-cnt1 as well but I think I have enough IEMs on the way for now lol. Also a bunch of cables in the works including a customized cable from skedra at viking weave for my obravo cupids. And a custom Neumann ndh20 cable from Hart audio

Somebody stop me from spending…


Dang what a haul :smiley:

Smart thread haha. I’m happy to say that I’m done for a while. That being said, I’ll probably post here next week.


Guitar strings…

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Also got a t4 and gri 18 (for 20 bucks as well lol) on the way. Also ended up getting the p4 pro from the order number thingy too, so I will have to see how those turn out


Wonder if it’ll interest anybody but I just bought a budget $60 wired closed-back (premise is so I could take them outside unlike my first choice SHP9500) by the name of Bosshifi B8 (or Blon B8) pairing them with a $15 Mpow bluetooth receiver Zeos reviewed back then to essentially convert them into wireless with some blue tac and a short L jack aux.