What did you NOT buy today?

I want to start a topic that on surface is an opposite of this 2 parts saga:

I am sure most of you have had this moment of “not buying” something you’d normally buy (quite honestly, impulsively). I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t be a good idea to share those moments :slight_smile:

Was it a review that put you off in last moment? Was it some other headphones you already have that charmed you while listening to a favorite track and you changed your mind about buying this new, shiny thing? I somehow would love to read about your experiences like it :slight_smile:


Luckily I didn’t click pay now


Was decided to get those at the beggining of the “best hp ever” story. But I asked people I fully trust about alternatives in the last second and got hex v2 instead for same money.
More than happy with decision and hex.


I ended up with a sundara instead also because in europe in that price range there aren’t a lot of options and I was looking for a planar

Ha, okay good/funny idea for a thread.

Well, hopefully this doesn’t offend anyone, but at least once I got through the checkout process for the Sundaras only to pull back because there was another QC issue someone was having. I’m sure they sound great and hopefully other users are happy with them, I just don’t trust HiFiMan build issues below the $500 price point.


Luckily no QC issue here, and I have to say that actually I was surprised by the packaging, the headphone arrived in a triple box the one of the seller inside that one of hifiman with a warranty seal and batch production date and code. Inside that the headphone box well protected with foam. In my experience I never see something like that in that price range and even if of course is not a proof of good QC definitely is a nice signal of care.

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I already had sundara at that time and wanded something from a bit higher tier. I kept both and like both.

GWInstek GPE-2323 (Linear Bench PSU)

I have been thinking about buying one for quite some time, had in in cart and almost pulled the trigger.
Didn’t do it because I currently don’t have the space to store it.

Alt thread title: What will you buy next week you weak fool?


Today, like every day, I did not buy this.

Or this.



Alt thread title: What will you buy next week you weak fool?

This thread can be considered a sneak peak of What did you buy today.


It depends. There is no way I will post gl2k purchase in what did you buy today

That makes two of us. I know the temptation is a struggle, but just remember, you aren’t alone out there friend :laughing:.

On a more serious note, I have still not bought a Bifrost 2 to replace my month-and-a-half-old Modius. Heaven help me, I want to, but I keep telling myself I don’t need to.


Dali Oberon vokal 20% off. I need to plan that one out a bit more.

A few weeks ago I saw a pair of Focal Elegias on r/AVExchange for a reasonable price. Almost pulled the trigger until I realized that two weeks prior I had spent a little over 1K between various pieces of gear :skull:


the hex v2 is really nice, listening to mine right now :+1:


This thread is perfect timing for me, in the past Few weeks…I did NOT buy:
DeVORE Fidelity 0/96 speakers.
Ωmega Super Alnico monitor speakers.
Luxman P750-U HP amp.
Stax 007t Energizer.
Violectric V281 amp.
LTA MZ3 amp.
Fostex HP’s.
1 or 3 more items i am forgetting about…:grimacing:

I lusted, drooled over and contemplated each and every item but resisted the urge to haphazardly buy cool stuff, at least this week.


The force is strong with you young Skywalker!!

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The fact that @init came up with this topic speaks volumes to some of the crazy we hobbyists will do…:crazy_face:

Yes, very much so… Me with 4 ZMFs… LOL!!!

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At least you bought 4 DIFFERENT HP’s…I purchased 3 Audeze a few weeks ago and they were almost the same HP :joy::rofl::joy: