What did you buy today? (Part 1)

Lol yeah might as well save some money at least

Samsung Tablet, little bit different and not all audio.

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Just checked prices and the 99 classics are 200$ US in Romania, with tax. Either they know it won’t sell as a 300$ can locally, or global prices might start going down also? The 200$ price is recent, used to be ~300$ US.

edit: currency

That was CAD, so they are priced at 300 usd for RiceGuru (as 400 CAD is like 300 USD)

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Those look like a thicker version of the Newbee’s. Seems good! Yeah the Comply or Dekoni are way way overpriced. I feel the INAIRS are already pushing it with their price and quality. I’ll give the Okuli a try once I run out of my current sets.

I just bought and got the Anada, Fostex TH-00x Ebonies and the Aeolus. I got the nighthawk carbon coming. ive been a busy boy lol. I loved the ebonies but the Aeolus is taking some getting used to lol. I feel like a dope cause all teh reviews are raving, i mean absolutely raving about the Aeolus and here i am having trouble with it.

my Ananda review here:

my Ebony review here:


Just got my pair of mmcx modded Sony mh755 in today, running them 4.4 balanced and man I’m falling in love all over again lol. Gonna gift my old pair to my younger brother for Christmas now.


Thank you! When you get them, you won’t be disappointed. :smile:

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Picked up a M40x on sale just to have one for people who come in and record if they are more comfortable with AT stuff lol

meze is based out of romania, no tarrifs.

Not really “bought” today, but delivered. Got a Yinyoo cable for my Blon 3. And now between it and the minor eartip rolling I’ve done, they may be the single best case of value for money spent I’ve had in my life.


What a haul. Enjoy. That’s a serious order. :+1::+1:

thanks. they all went on sale at the same time. so i kept buying them up lol. too good to pass up


how much and where? if it’s too much I might just use the money to mod a couple pairs for myself as I already have 3 pairs

The 99 classics are made in china afaik.

$35 over at r/avexchange. Probably all gone by now tho, they go pretty quick. You pretty much have to check multiple times a day to catch them, but they appear pretty often.

Ah I’m fine then for that money I can just grab a couple pairs of mmcx connectors and do it myself

bought a Makita HR2470 hammer drill to mount some shit on the walls. Returned it 1h later because the chuck was wobbling like a samba dancer.

Bosch is just as shit at these prices, any recommendations under 150$ ?

220/240 or cordless?

Edited SDS?

Milwaukee for the win either way :+1:

220/240, SDS.
Milkwaukee is nice but not really common over here so they’re a bit over budget.

I might just buy a store brand and get my job done, seeing as “respectable” brands decided to throw in the towel.

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