What did you buy today? (Part 2)

Awesome!! Glad you dig them. Thanks a ton! <3 <3

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hello it’s me again. i bought the choice leather pads despite the fact that i already have the elite hybrids.

to keep things short and simple, i favor the choice leather more than the elite hybrids. to my ears, everything from sub-bass to the mids sound very similar; the only difference between the two are the highs. the elite hybrids are kinda painful to listen to, almost as if they have a treble peak. in comparison, the choice hybrids have a smoother treble presence.

Song I tested:

the airy percussion + female vocals became fatiguing when i listened with the elite hybrids. the choice hybrids on the other hand were smooth sailing from beginning to end.


lol I was just looking for Dekoni Pads too. I want to tame the DT1990’s treble

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From Dekoni’s website:

I’m not sure how the highs are so amicable to my ears, but if I had to be relative, I would say they sound like the highs from the Elite Fenestrated Sheepskin; those highs perplex me because they are intense yet non-fatiguing for me, and I consider myself treble sensitive. I have a feeling it has something to do with the pores letting the treble disperse, or it could be the devil. At times, I feel like the Elite Fenestrated turn my Tygrs into a mid-forward headphone considering how intense, yet non-fatiguing they can sound.

Another thing to consider for Elite Fenestrated is that it doesn’t have much sub-bass oomph, and yet the Choice Hybrids do. If I had to be relative yet again, I’d say the oomph DNA comes from the Choice Suede pads, except the Choice Hybrids sound cleaner in the highs. What I mean by that is the Choice Suede pads make my Tygrs sound warm, or perhaps too muddy depending on the song.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the Choice Leathers to make note of its sonic qualities. I can say with confidence, however, that the Choice Hybrids combine the strong points of Elite Fenestrated Sheepskin (non-fatiguing highs + mid-forward?), and the Choice Suede (fun, dirty bass) to make a monster of a tuner pad.

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Chord Poly and case came. Also picked up a cable for the radiance to mojo. Portable/around the house setup complete :heavy_check_mark:


Been curious to hear one for myself so… New to me Focal Radiance.



a couple big mouse pads and a extended gripper arm, see if that helps me with my sciatica issues.


Penon Vortex


(Not quite today) RikuBuds Saber 1 - for something different I wanted to try


Arriving today!
I hope!


Let us know which one had more high shelf energy please interested to know. The Serial or the Vortex. Cheer J :beers::eyes:

Got a really good deal on these modded Grado SR325e from ebay. Came with

  • Detachable Cable Mod from beautiful audio
  • Shipibo Gimbals and Headband
  • 3 sets of pads
    For $300 I’m pretty stoked with this, thats almost the price of the mods/parts put into the pair! Enjoying some tunes with them now and seeing how they sound.

Bought this for $200 CAD at a garage sale today. Can’t wait to open it up!


Nice gem congrats!

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Moondrop Blessing 2 ordered - finally gonna see what the fuss is about (rolls up sleeves)


Got this little cable, custom made by audiophileninja.com for my iFi go blu… 11" long dual 3.5mm ending in a 4.4mm balanced… For me its the perfect length so the go blu can hang at chest height without needing any clip or awkward cable…


Very cool. Only thing that would make it better is a clip on the iFi Go Blu.

did something similar for my BTR5 and K702 just clip the BTR5 to the top of my shirt and walk around with headphones :slight_smile:

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Kanto YUP6. :smiley: