What did you buy today? (Part 2)

Vision Ears VE7 CIEM + upgrade silver cable!
Freaking awesome! Love em!


Gorgeous. Look like agates!

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Outstanding photography! :star_struck:


I cannot believe these are that great for the price I am getting with this. I was planning to get the BTR5K in the first place, but due to it being out of stock, had to settle with the BTR3K and man, it’s so much better than my phone’s DAC and a game changer for the IEMs I use.

A good copium since my Katos broke, and had to save up a bit again for the Olina next, because Moondrop’s support ruined it for me, for they are not going to handle the warranty according to the email I have received.


Shangri la SR
Woo Audio 3es elite
Stax sr-x9000 (loan)


Decided to upgrade my “away from home” setup with the Aeon Flow. Gotta love the used market!

I’m not 100% sure they sound better than my Audeze Sine headphones, but they’re SO much more comfortable.


Did I read that correctly?
Isn’t the Shangri La Sr the same price as the Sennheiser HE1?

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Shangri ls SR is 50k MSRP for the energizer + headphone but I only got the headphone and am using a different energizer

Do they sound like a typical electrostat or more like the Susvara?

Tubes in my energizer still need to be burned in more as of right now, the SRL is absolutely massive in stage, brighter, way more energetic and forward than Susvara. Susvara has more body and is much more “polite”, forgiving, and musical.
All in all, I guess I would say it sounds more like an electrostat, but it is kind of it’s own animal

I just did a thing…God help me…


Well, I had to try something here! I’ve been reading about this thing and for the price I had to give it a shot

I had to see for myself it was an actual upgrade to the SP200. Yep, it is. A significant upgrade, actually. I can only imagine it will get even better over time. And I love that the chassis is a perfect match with the DA-9. Makes a great little stack. They can even share the same remote, which is really nice.