What did you do today?

Yea they do. They can be bigger than smaller dogs so they have meat.
The population has gotten larger and larger and its legal to hunt them 6 months.
It’s common to hit “bugs” or deer or moose here.


Snowy day, spicy saffron tea, kit kats, cats, music. can it get better that this?


@sovran Beautiful. You may have mentioned before, but where is this.
PS some nice photo composition!


Thank you, i know nothing about photography though. My phones wide angle camera does the trick :joy:
Locations are
Mellat park
Elahiyeh area
Qeitarieh park
All tehran city.


As in Iran?

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Yes. A city in iran.


Today I spent a rather interesting day working on the main system in the living room. That system has been a real workhorse and gets run every day for very long periods. It requires maintenance every so often to keep it running well. Today was the day. Here she is at a quick glance:

Of course this is a full 7.1 surround system. 125W per channel and supports Dolby Atmos, Dolby Surround and has a 32 bit DSP. JBL E90 fronts and EC35 center make up the mains, Sony 10-inch powered sub, Triangle BR02s are the rears with Polk spot surrounds providing fill. This system provides a very rich, organic and immersive experience. Today, she got some much-needed TLC.

Maintenance activities today consisted of the following:

  • Remove components, clean cabinet, gear and re-install. Refresh speaker connections.
  • Install custom Mogami premium directional high-definition interconnects with gold plated locking connectors
  • Replace crap optical cable with a really nice optical cable from SKW.
  • Replace old Monster digital coax for sub with an SVS Soundpath Subwoofer cable
  • Install new Internet router and bring up new upgrade service.

I am pleased to report that the system is back up and has never sounded better. Adding the SU-8 DAC was a great move, significantly improving audio performance. But the crap optical cable was holding it back. the new optical cable is a nice improvement. The Mogami interconnects are going to come in and sound better and better as well once they get some time on them. This was fun to do and I’m very happy with the result. :metal:t2:


Neat setup! :+1:

I miss the HT setup I used to have, have a smaller condo-style sized one atm with a soundbar/sub combo. I have big plans when we buy a house this year or next, or whenever it happens…can’t wait! :clapper: :popcorn:


I went to the southernmost place in the country.
Hint…I think I smelled cigars!
PS had fresh stone crab and shrimp
For dinner!


been a busy day!

I had lasagna for breakfast…shepherd’s pie for lunch and drank a half dozen cans of soda water. oh yeah, and a lazy man’s mocha; instant coffee with hot chocolate. :smiley:


Ordered mcdonalds on the phone but they put the wrong store so I ended up walking 2 miles for a cheeseburger

On the plus side, I had an epiphany and now I get the “missing” part of tuning for the Variations so it’s been pretty nice besides freezing my fingers off

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well, that’s a win-win, net 0 weight gain from calorie use to calorie consumption! :slight_smile:

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Collected our Two Hoots fudge order which is handmade on a narrow boat called…no surprises 'Two Hoots’, recon it’s gonna taste as good as it looks, Traditional Vanilla, Dark Chocolate and Walnut, Peanut Butter and a wee freebee sample pack :smiley:


Fudge texture in the UK is very different to here. Jealous, looks like a treat!


I pulled out the TA-20 from spares today and swapped it with the Liquid Platinum. The LP has been workin hard so it deserves a rest. Besides, I really enjoyed listening to the TA-20 and I missed it. I was gonna put the PS Vains in, but I like the Mullards too much, so Mullards it is!

I’m listening to it right now. This is a sweet little hybrid HPA. I forgot how nice this guy sounds. Just enough tubular richness to enhance a sweetly resolving presentation. There is actually more tube influence on this amp than the LP, which I find interesting. Tubes being used are a consideration, as I have Gold Lions installed in the LP.

The bass is really nice on this amp as well. Not as tight and controlled as on the LP perhaps, but not loose and sloppy either. The level of resolution is pretty remarkable really. Overall an extremely fun and musical piece. I’ll just rotate the two whenever the mood strikes. Not sure why I waited this long!


Not really place for this I suppose but it struck a chord with me :smiley:
Trying to get back into modding XCOM 2 and finishing a project way too long in the making.
Managed to get some custom shells going!


I fell in love with that game back in the day…had it on floppies! I followed one fan-based project that was recreating it but lost touch with it over the years (due to many other hobbies and addicting games).


Yea in this case most of the time goes into doing other things finishing other games and then getting some random comment on the project and getting back on it :smiley:

Like I’ll need a break but that break ends up chaining into all kinds of stuff over months/years XD

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