What did you do today?

I bought a few pairs of Darn Tough socks about 8 years ago, and they are amazing.
They are pricy but have a lifetime guarantee.


I should buy some for my dad so he stops stealing my thin ones

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Love mine, only sock I wear now. Their lifetime guarantee is legit. Got my first pair replaced a few weeks ago. :socks:


I’ve been to a shamanic breathwork session today and had a really nice experience
It’s crazy what states of consciousness you can achieve only by breathing and holding back your breath.
Felt like coming home and similar to some drug induced experiences i had before.
In the last round we retained our breath for over 3 minutes and I was amazed how easy it was to do so.
If you get a chance to attend a breathwork session I would highly recommend to try it out! :blush::pray:t2:




Wild garlic pesto?

Absolutely :green_heart:
Will be stinking for the next few weeks :grin::grin::grin:


Took my daily driver Audi to a local detailing beauty parlour.
Polish to Mint level and ~5 year nano Graphene coating.
Should help the cleaning and washing process to a new level.

Also the summer rims should get a their own session as soon as the agent transfers them from storage to detailer. I’ll probably pick them after that and have them installed.
Maybe the winter is over and spring will start… finally.


Sitting on the cold ass stairs at the front door of my residence waiting for my Mext because I forgot to tell the guy to not require signature since I live in the basement and come out when packages arrive instantly.

Now I gotta get hit with the sun :c


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still trying to find a good color combo for the Ukraine Mext Special edition I got

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escaped city life for a few days. kinda sad its early spring and most trees in forests had little to no leaves, can’t wait for summer when all the northern forests are covered in moss and trees rocking full green coats as they should.


Best Crab Rangoon of my life.

Awesome Sunset

Adding Weatherstrip to an expensive tonneau cover that should F’n have it this is dumb.

oh also that east coast earthquake and the baby aftershock was today.


First really warm day this year so I’m a bit outside with an old friend of mine (OG WU) enjoying myself, music and nature :sunglasses:

Slightly drugged maybe, and a good beer in my hand listening to a DJ Set I’ve got on the radar for quite a while now.

Anybody else still listening to OG WU?
It’s such a fun set and started the planar hype if i remember right. (the first and only hype train I jumped on)

It’s a bit too warm on Ifi go blu but X-Space helps a lot.
I thought about selling both but it’s just too good of a beater combo.

It’s one of those moments where i don’t care about technicalities and just enjoy the show and the fantastic tuning :sunglasses:

Hope y’all having a great day too! :sunglasses:


Ha what a perfect day :+1: enjoy :smiley:


Haha indeed, thanks! :grin::sunglasses:

Got myself a fresh beer and a dog, changed the scene (decorated it) and am enjoying the last bits of sunlight for today.

Also changed the gear and am rocking Kinda Lava with BTR7 now… Sweeeet :grin::man_dancing:t2:

Damn I’m talkative🤣 (typeative?)



Got my Spiral Dots to see if they lessen sibilance on my Project M

It’s hella good and close to what I want. Moondrops foam tips from Vari still wins but spiral dots are super impressive and probs what I’ll be rockin