What IEMs are in your current rotation?

Only because I’ve found myself wondering if there is such a thing as the ideal all-rounder IEM for me and my library, or not. So I’d find it interesting for folk to post what IEMs they currently listening to regularly - (not having a listen to every once in a while and then sticking back in a box) - whether that’s a few in rotation, or if you’re lucky and have found the perfect all rounder. Plus feel free to add a few words to explain why they currently have a place.

I have these 3 in regular rotation, appears I’m on a serious DD kick:

Unique Melody 3DT - my current “end game” for all things of the faster/harder metal variety. Biggest issue is getting the seal right - they can still trip me up with serious suction if I don’t take the time.

Olina (with filter on front vent) - my ‘on the go set’ but that also get regular play time at home. Sound very very good (to my ears) for a chunk of my library, all day comfortable and feel like they are built to last.

Penon Serial - only just landed so bit of a cheat I guess but have bumped the Xenns UP, but they are really surprising me with a fantastic organic sound particularly good with classic rock, the rap/hip-hop I have. Only thing they don’t work as well with is what the 3DTs are for. Also all day comfortable.

Over to you guys.


none. I am a purist…open backed over ear headphones only. IEM’S ARE THE DEVIL!!!


I always walk around with EJ07, DM and RSV and ifi gryphon on my backpack.

Then either one of them or something I’m reviewing atm on my pocket, together with cayin n3 pro/qudelix5k. Right now, Kinda lava. Before that was Tea2 and Olina.


I was rocking the Timeless everyday for months until recently. Acquired the Monarch MKII and from my week of listening, they handle everything really well.


At the moment I only listen to EJ 07m and FH7.


I have the Aladdin, S12, O2, and Olina (modded). I estimate 70% of my total listening is done on the Olina and 30% on S12. I’ve shelved Aladdin and O2 as I want to sell those.

Since I’ve spent so much time with single DD and single planar, I’ve begun to increasingly prioritise timbre, so my next purchase / upgrade will need to satisfy that criterion.


It is hard topic.

  • Tea
  • Olina
  • LBBS


  • S12
  • KZ CRN
  • Qian39

Long answer:
At home I listen mostly to the latest purchased IEM (on condition it is already known to my beloved wife). Once it is already off out of the “new hype” category I just rotate randomly depending on what album I think I may end up listening to throwing earbuds in the mix.

  • Acoustic and just non-binding chill listening - LBBS
  • Everything else - Tea/Olina.
    It may be unpopular, but I find them very much overlapping each other in my library (even though they have dark/bright trebble respectively it does not impact my listening experience very much in bed sessions). I am considering getting rid of Olina honestly even though it amazing value of a set, but I just cannot justify having both with limited usage and simply I like Tea more.

At work (in 2022 it is basically 0 minutes per day) and on the go I have S12 and KZ CRN with me along with Qian39 buds. There the preference is mostly scenario dependant:

  • Driving scooter - Qian39
  • Every time I am waiting for something longer and I want to listen to something beautiful - S12
  • Shopping with playlist on shuffle or general very brief sessions - KZ CRN. They fit me like a glove so I like them because I can put them in and out for some conversations very easily. S12 I have to wiggle around to have a good seal

Olina (front port mod)
Timeless (de-grilled and de-filtered)
Monarch Mkii

On the move:-


Olina (stock)
Shuoer S12

If I’m feeling buds, LBBS or Smabat M2S pro. I occasionally bust out my other units when I’m home, but that’s the regular dailies atm.


I love this part. At the end of the day, practicality and comfort are king!


qdc 8SL, XENNS UP, Moondrop Variations

  • The 8SL is my all-rounder and fits my preferences to a T. Good match with the Q5K (and more recently my QP2R), so portable use primarily.
  • XENNS UP is really fun with R2R, mainly belongs to desktop chains.
  • Moondrop Variations while less resolving than the 8SL, has a cleaner presentation that is a good way to shake off the ear fatigue from my other IEMs. Portable use like the 8SL is.

I might be disrupting this list soon with a flagship, but I’m still doing some additional research before that happens.

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Home: Oxygen and K64 earbuds.
On the go: BL-05 or Sora Lights.
Right now: S8 (loaned to me) and I can’t get enough

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Truth to be said from usability point of view TWS may be even more convenient, but I am ride now riding a wave of IEM hype. I try to convince myself that it is more practical being wired as they are smaller in the pocket and even more - I don’t have another device to charge. It is a lie though, as I use Qudelix 5k to drive them anyway… :thinking:
I guess one day I would go back to WF-1000XM3 and find them more useful, but it is not true at the moment :slight_smile:

Home - Moondrop Variations and Fiio FD5 (Shanling M3X stacked with Fiio Q3)

Office - Mele (Work Laptop or M1 Macbook Air)

Out/Commute - Fiio FD5 (Shanling M3X)

Only have one IEM and pretty happy with only having one.

Mest OG

Thinking of selling it and getting the EJ07m kinda lava though🤔


I’m alternating between FH3 & OH10, paired with Qudelix 5k

Personally enjoy OH10 alot, it fits my taste right to DNA level deep. But when i wanna hear something different, more relaxing sessions, i grab my FH3

I listen to more rock genre music with OH10, more pop or less busy track with FH3

regular rotation for me:
Thieaudio Oracle
Mangird Tea
each one has a distinctive appeal, some sound best only with specific music (EVO) or mood (Tea), some are more universal (MEST2, Oracle), but all are very enjoyable.


Home- Koss PortaPros

Work still at home- Koss SportaPros

Outside- I dont do outside


Does everyone on this forum have Olina?

My daily rotation was Variations all day all the time and they were great! But Oracle was too tempting.

So I sold the Vari to pick up Oracle - and while waiting for those, I picked up Olina and S12 - both of which I’ve owned previously and were the standouts for me under 300 - even more so than the Dusk.


I don’t really rotate… it’s more a mood, genre, source thing…I like all my sets :notes: or there’re gone like FH7 :wink: :smiley: