What IEMs are in your current rotation?

I mean that’s big! Its outside my price range but I may be on the lookout for a used set. I really liked the Loki. Have you tried those? I’m wondering if the shell is smaller on the verdandi cause the Lokis could get uncomfortable after a couple of hours


New sets recently added to my daily rotation:

  • HeartMirror Pro: different than og HM but for most people it would be an upgrade. Tonality is “normal” and soundstage is the best part, out of head sensation. Personally, it replaces Olina SE in my collection.
  • Acoustune RS One: this one was a surprise. Looking at the graph I was expecting a dumpster fire but in fact I really dig it. The sub-bass roll off is real and the soundstage is just ok but everything impresses me. Fit and build is top notch, cable is serviceable. Bass has a lot of details and impact, vocals are clear, well positioned and with great presence without being shouty or overly warm and not recessed somehow. Treble has accurate timbre, no sibilance and a lot of resolution for the price. $150 of price makes it a good choice but one can find this at $100 it’s a slam dunk. This will become my new daily beater and will replace sets like the Olina SE, HeartMirror Pro and Zero, Quarter and Tanya DSP.
  • VE Bonus IE Pro: good basshead bullet set. This will due while I save for Singularity.
  • Hi-Fri Aphex: I was able to buy this one used, and I’m glad I did. Fit is a pain, the shell is big and the nozzle angle is strange. Sound wise, it’s a mild V shape set with low pinna and great resolution for the price. Timbre is accurate and bass has a lot of details and impact.


Current rotation the last weeks, can often be influenced by loans or reviews for me.

Oriveti OH700VB - Been a lot in my ears due to the review, but also since I grew to really love the sound. Subwoofer like bass and airy extended treble, forgiving midrange that’s still detailed.

Hisenior Mega5EST Anniversary - Surprised me in some ways, found it to be an improved AüR Aurora. Clearer sound, better bass impact and more open highs.

TIMSOK TS-316 - Did a review before new year, but haven’t stopped use it any less after. Energetic and fun sound, in way similar to some Simgots but better for me.

Simgot EA500LM - Maybe not the best Simgot from technical standpoint, but perhaps the most fun and rich sounding of them.


Yes I have tried the Loki. A wicked IEM
I kinda prefer the tuning on this one for my tastes. The sheels are large as well on the Verdandi I wont lie.


Actually have a black Kinera Verdandi on order, its shipped after the China new year celebration. :heart_eyes:


Sweet Take some pics so I can get pumped up. Love the sound of this IEM

I think they chose a black matching cable from Flash Acoustics as well but I haven’t see a photo