What video games are you playing?

This sounds fascinating! Thanks for the recommendation. I’m always on the lookout for new games for a change. It sounds like Helldivers 2 offers exciting gameplay with engaging humor.

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Helldivers 2 is a good time.

I am enjoying Pacific Drive a ton right now. From what I have heard it is shortish, but is basically a survival game centered around a car, in a STALKER like exclusion zone.

Hope you enjoy it, just a word of caution the game is suffering from its own success and has repeatedly hit server capacity, the devs have already addressed it but it seem growing even more in popularity so i expect it do be a reoccurring issue for the game

Also a small recommendion - find a good discord server it will make you games a lot more fun - playing with randos is fine but some folks are a lot more lively and make the experience overall better
i use this dude’s discord (you’ll see it in the description) , overall folks are pretty nice and its a good time all around


I’m looking for mobile games. Everyone please help me with this problem

I am on Android, so it might influence my picks

  • Slice & Dice - a dice building game ( also on Steam recently )
  • Smash Hit - a bit older, but still fantastic
  • Unciv - civ on both mobile and web
  • Dead Cells - the controls aren’t great, but the it is a good metroidvania ( started on PC )
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As a Canadian roguelike fan Tape to Tape sounds ridiculously good

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It is a good time, and the humor works well for me. It is very arcade style hockey, but just fun.

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Guys an update on Tekken 8, I did say I was currently playing it right? Guess what? I am not playing it anymore, in fact I don’t want to go back there anymore with all of the recent shit being announced and committed by the likes of Bamco. How dare you, implement microtransactions in a game that is already 70USD, let alone it’s 100USD to those who paid for the deluxe edition! Stabbing us in the back when in the first place we have expected overall good will from you!

They have just plainly put a bait and switch, release the game without those before, be reviewed positively by the majority of the players, and then fuck it all up with that sudden announcement of the Tekken shop and the so called Fight Pass! I AM NOT PAYING FOR THOSE! and if you defend this shit, I fucking blame you for this current trend that is going on.

So yeah I am done with this game, and a huge disappointment for I was legit excited for this game and this hurts even more when I have been a Tekken fan since Tekken 3 as a kid, screw this game.


Yeah, I hate it when companies do this. Everything seems to be a microtransaction nowadays. I draw the limit at cosmetics only and not actually give the upper hand in the power-tilt department where it’s basically pay-to-win.

I started and loved SF5 back in 2016, but then stopped playing because it got kinda “gimicky” in that way too plus I didn’t have PS+ at the time. I wanted to check out SF6 but haven’t for fear it was pretty much the same with only minor graphics tweaks.

I sometimes miss the days of the old consoles and PC games where you had a game and you got everything, maybe having to pay for your fav expansion or sequel. I keep things free nowadays, besides purchasing the main game.

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modern gaming is a plague…

Even this is a big stretch for me IF its from a AAA company selling the game at AAA price…

Yeah, customers = paying beta testers nowadays


It’s crazy how terrible the state of the industry is that a game like Baldur’s Gate 3 is highly regarded for doing what was the norm: buy it once, get everything.

I’m a huge Tekken fan since 5 as a Steve main. Today I learned that they paywalled an option to practice (take over your character in replays) against Eddy (DLC) unless you buy him.

This is predatory shambolic shenanigans because Eddy is comically OP if you don’t know the knowledge checks. I have the collector’s edition so it doesn’t affect me but this is very unfair. Shame on the execs for this decision.

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Unfortunately it is what it is, people gotta vote with their wallets but too many people dont care and its exactly why they can continue using bs tactics…


Agreed, it’s really the only way they will catch on but then again, it’s almost like the masses need to band together to do this and also give feedback to hit home. I know in Diablo, one of my fav franchises of Blizzard, the players dropped and the feedback rolled in and they (thankfully) took it to heart. I am waiting for S4 for some of these QOL changes to show up because it’s been a snore since reaching level cap atm, especially if you are a non-season player (should not be forced to do this for new content).

Anyway, I’ll stop ranting and hope us gamers can help swing their mindset in the right direction to keep the player base (and have fun games with less pay-walls) and that their execs actually listen to a treat their devs better (which is another issue imo). :pray:

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D4 has one of the worst monetization system nowadays.

70 usd base game
Battle pass
and upcoming DLC

They charging you for everything…
I didnt even buy it cuz it is such a big F u, and I do enjoy Diablo a lot (D3 RoS and D2R).


I am sorry to say this but when I have paid 70USD for a game at full price, let alone 100USD when for some goddamn reason went for its deluxe edition, the skins and cosmetics in the first place should be free or can be unlocked via progression, I am not a fan of buying skins in the first place when the game already is pricey enough that its justification is just overall a no from me. So yeah, I have to respectfully disagree with you with that.

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I have been voting with my wallet for a long time and I refuse to buy a damn game that I can no longer apparently own, and being told I should get comfortable not owning my games anymore. Well fuck you! If buying isn’t owning anymore, then piracy isn’t stealing! The ludicrous statement said by that CEO or whatever the fuck his position who damn cares, is a damn retard and should not be surprising anymore since that guy is from UbiSoft.

So yeah Ubisoft, you can go choke on a fat one and Skull and Bones being quadruple A? Really?! Greed ruins everything for everyone, and I am afraid there are going to be those days that I just quit gaming entirely, because games are not games anymore!

So yeah shitty games = me not bothering to upgrade my PC parts anymore, for what is the fucking point?! when most games being released by these greedy fuck are broken, buggy, messy, predatory, unoptimized and overall being released for their malicious tactics, and it’s not helping me much when the GPU prices are still bastardized for the current prices!

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Yeah, I hear you. For a while now I have stopped buying skins and only unlock them via progression and possibly any Amazon Prime free skins that come my way. Spending more money on a game than you already did is def an issue.

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I found out Diablo 4 was available on Game Pass and just finished playing it for the first time. Very fun but also pretty addicting, time flew :D. That intro cutscene was dope, very metal.

Any tips/do or don’ts for a lvl 9 Barbarian? I like the fast dual wielding :crossed_swords: and maxed this skill (see picture) and have 3 spare points to use and having a bit of choice paralysis, what do you advise?

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I was actually thinking of getting back into my Barb the other day, thanks for reminding me! :grin:

I used to rotate maining a Barb in D3 (leapquake build) but admittedly, I haven’t played any other build in D4 with that class other than the current thorns build I am working on (slowly but surely). I used to play that type of build on my Crusader in D3 and kinda missed it but also wanted a non-conventional type of Barb build.

As for what build and mechanic to pick, I’ll link two resources which I myself use when I need to figure out what the meta is (I’m snoozing a bit on coming up with my own theorycrafting). These resources should help and they are well-written and give all the build info you need (pretty much) by the person creating the guides.

I hope this helps. It’s a fun game early on and I hope with the QOL changes they are adding in Season 4 that it’ll add more to help us fans wanting to keep playing. :crossed_fingers:


I still love Old school Runescape because it has not been ruined yet.

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