What video games are you playing?

I think we can all agree that Cyberpunk 2077, should have been delayed for like a year or maybe even 2 years just for the game to get to a point where it becomes playable and have lesser backlash, but that is from the perfect world, for I am damn sure they were under a lot of pressure especially from the higher ups before the release of the game.

But what could have been right?

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I also think that they were in race to get the game out the door, prior to losing all of the people with experience in their REDengine. The crunch was real, and most people didn’t want to work in the tech they knew was going to be abandoned. While they are planning on another Cyberpunk game, it will be in Unreal.

I am enjoying 2.0 at this stage, but I haven’t picked up the new DLC just yet. I am going level the new character I made, and I will worry about the DLC when I get toward the end of the main story. At this point, Cyberpunk gives me most of the things that I always liked about Skyrim, but with a sci-fi setting that I enjoy more.

I am OK with the notion that Cyberpunk 2077 is the next No Man’s Sky. The idea of CDPR actually making the game they promised is a great story, and not very common in the industry these days, even less so for the big studios.

I would say that between Baldur’s Gate, Cyberpunk, and Starfield, there is no shortage of big RPG titles right now.

I will confess that Starfield doesn’t look that interesting to me, but every Bethesda project since Skyrim has been a bit weird to me, and the main story doesn’t seem all that compelling. I am sure I will pick it up on sale at some point next year, but I am not in a hurry to play it.

Starfield is an okay game at least but overall it’s kind of the middle of the road when it comes to the experience according to my pals who gave the game a try. I haven’t played it yet, but maybe I might be willing to give it a shot so that I can come up with my own conclusion.

Plus, it’s always been Phasmophobia for me lately, and I don’t have any friends to play with. Also it’s not helping me much when I try to play with random people online, I always expect “those” types of players aka the ones that just ruins your experience overall, and one of the reasons why I prefer mostly solo.

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Speaking of revisiting games, I am back to Skyrim again but this time with gameplay overhaul as well, making it at least a next gen game and of course much better than vanilla Skyrim.


I finished up Cyberpunk 2077 : Phantom Liberty, a week ago, and that game is in a great place right now. The expansion was a fair bit of content, and I really enjoyed playing with the new skill trees.

I have three games of Baldur’s Gate 3 going, with different subsets of my family. This is my GOTY, and it is not even close.

I lost a weekend to Darkest Dungeon 2, and I like it more than I thought I would.

I have been playing Caves of Qud, which is a low fidelity roguelike set in a crazy sci-fi world. This is the game I keep coming back to, and I think it and Dwarf Fortress are the two games I am playing the most recently.

I burnt a whole week on getting a no death run of all 5 acts, it was a bitch but made it at the end. I still pick it up from time to time when i got 30 min to spare and dont want to commit to anything

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Got yesterday the ROM for the Super Mario RPG, been playing since then. Loved the game in the SNES and love the new revised version for the Switch. Running on Ryujinx now, damn it’s great to play, specially at upscale for 4K.

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