Who is unsatisfied with Z / DMS reviews?

Like most people, I have spent way too much based on Zeos and DMS reviews. I dont have a single item that I regret. Does anyone have any review item that they feel is a mistake?

Controversial topic

The original m1060 was the only piece of audio equipment I dove into the hype at the time. I really mainly trusted my ears and had better at the time, but I for some reason just really wanted the m1060 because I got caught up in the reviews and hype. I was kinda disappointing when I got them, and even after modding still really wasn’t super satisfied. I really didn’t lean anything as I had kinda expected it to happen, but eh, was fun while it lasted. Everything else I have I am satisfied with though, but I really only watch reviews for entertainment value and discovery anyway.


I wouldn’t call it a mistake per-se, but I can’t find myself agreeing with the Hifiman Sundara Review. They went for around €400 at a local hifi store and I tried them with various amps they had at the store, ranging from Klipsch Heritage Headphone Amp to Oppo HA-1.

I just found them extremely lacking, not to mention highly uncomfortable and “cheap” in terms of comfort. Maybe my head just was the complete opposite in optimal shape for that headphone, but it wasn’t a pleastant experience.

At the same time I tried everything from the Focal headphone lineup, the Utopia also didn’t impress on me for the price level, nor did their “lower priced” alternatives. Don’t get me wrong, they sound fucking amazing, but not €4000 amazing. I preferred the Clear out of all of them. They didn’t carry a retarded pricetag to their name, nor did they have that horrendous thing they called a cable attached to them.

Of all the things I tested, the Audeze LCD-2 Closed-back is what I fell in love with, so hard that I instantly ordered a pair after spending like two days at home wallowing in despair over that sound. Sure they’re heavy as hell, but good lord those earpads. It’s like you’re getting sucked into an abyss of sound and you can’t get out, nor do you want to. I’ve never spent €900-1000 as fast as I did with these.

Comparatively speaking, I find the Sennheiser HD700’s, Denon AH-D5000 and Fostex T-60RP all superior to the Hifiman Sundara in both comfort and sound. Despite the two first being €100-200 more expensive than the Sundara depending on store availability and sales.

I’m fairly sure my assessment of the Sundara would improve. at least sound quality wise, if I were to test them on my home setup. As I didn’t really like the Oppo HA-1, I much prefer my home setup of Harmony Design Ear 90 and SMSL Su-8 (which has replaced my Harmony Design DA9). Even the Topping MX3, sure it doesn’t have the power to compete with the big boys, but the numbers it produces at that price point is absurd, compared to what I paid for my Harmony Design setup back in 2005 / 2007 when I got it.


The clear is also my favorite headphone from focal, as its great for mastering use and also very neutral. But yeah the focal cables are ass. Same crappy cable on my clear and elegia

I thought the sundara was great, and pretty nice for $350 usd. I do much prefer the older hifiman suspension strap headband though. I don’t think I would say that the t60rp is superior, nor the hd700 (but that’s more a preference thing). But the D5000 is great for sure, would take that over the sundara

Value wise I guess they’re kind of okay. They just don’t suit me or my head, so I can’t knock them too hard. I was just expecting more I guess. I do think that the t60rp is superior, maybe not so much in overall sound quality but as a whole package deal. They look better and feel better for the comparatively similar pricetag that they currently are at. But I would never buy the Sundaras at their stated retail of €500 here near me.

The HD700 will however still be one of my go-to headphones for comfort and “airiness”. They do have that ridiculously top-heavy headband as Zeos points out, but I can’t really fault them at that since I never go about banging my head or leaning over or back that hard so that they might slip off. When I say heavy I guess I should point out that they are more unbalanced in their weight distribution rather than actually heavy. Because the HD700 are incredibly light on the head otherwise.

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I didn’t like KSC75s.
And I love blue LEDs.

Otherwise, it’s all good. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Every time I hear that T50s and their mods need the captured energy of a nuclear blast to sound their best, my Dekoni Blue doesn’t get touched for at least a week.

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He doesn’t like the Arya and I just love them. So I just follow many reviews. Joshua Valour likes most things that I like.


I guess that’s true for me as well lol


Exactly! Plus a few characters

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I love my KPH30i’s…KSC75/x sound good, but I can’t get them to sit centred on my ears, so I’m not benefiting fully from what they’re capable of. thinking about buying a compatible headband for them and lose the lousy ear loops. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Huh shrugs even my Samsung Note 3 can power my (standard) T50RPs. Barely, but still. 100% is too much, one click lower is ok. :stuck_out_tongue: 60-to-65% on my Denon AVR-1312 is enough, too.

Z already said in another video that “he must have the most hard to drive T50RPs ever” or something. Z’s MK3s aren’t normal, heh.

All MK3’s are like that. If you get into heavy modding, they need even more. A Magni 3 in high gain can make em sing. Most portable amps can get them up to volume but won’t do them justice.

Yeah, apparently you can get earsplitting volume, but it doesn’t mean they’re powered properly.

Still, they’re enjoyable, even with my “old” smartphone. That was a surprise to me.


A good amp does more then just provide volumeđź‘Ť


There’s a lot of people including myself that think hifiman’s house sound is very boring and artificial, which is especially true for sundara. Its way too lean and unengaging to be enjoyable. It’s the hd800 effect, you listen to the headphone and not the music. I always got the impression that they’re for people that like to wank over measurements and only listen to the same 6 songs over and over to hear that detail. Not that I’m saying that’s anything more than conjecture, but I have the similar distast for it that zoes does when he reviews shure product, technically proficient, but nothing else. That being said, I have enjoyed a lot of hifiman’s big planars as there massive bass and soundstage makes there own enjoyment despite the more dry delivery.


I get it. Have you ever heard any of the classic hifiman? The he6 and he500 are pretty fun, and more for enjoyment. Also like the Arya as well, but I see how people don’t like the sundara. Imo I think it’s because of the neutral tuning, which can sound boring to some.

Well with the hd800 you listen to the pricing treble instead of the music lol

Regarding shure stuff, they are made to be just that imo as they are for monitoring and studio work, so it kinda makes sense

I am the same way. I don’t own any Hifiman, but listened to (4) sets at RMAF 2016 and 2017 (on different equipment) and didn’t get the warm and fuzzies. I think I just prefer a different tuning.

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This entire hobby is preference lol, glad you figured out what you like