🔶 ZiiGaat Doscinco

Have you tried the a Doscinco with 3.5mm & 4.4mm? Does it benefit from balanced? In what way?

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Balanced will allow you to push more power, and make it louder… no other diffs


I’ve yet to decide whether to grab Doscinco or Cinco still lol

There is a bit of “possible” cross talk that gets eliminated, and might make the stage and imaging seem better.


That’s what I was suspecting and hoping for. I asked because some BA sets become a little bright and kind of shrill when driven balanced, on top of the benefits.

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Yep, DD units often benefit from using balanced over single-ended. I haven’t had a BA or hybrid set have a huge difference notable with going balanced, save the Sands. The Sands is super sensitive to cable changes, even staying single-ended.

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No, I always buy my IEMs 4.4, but I have a 3.5 cable and I tested it here and the difference is small, but I feel more clarity, bass control and also more powerful, better stage, slightly wider and deeper but just a little,no harsh and sibilance in highs


Fair - this is also a topic that I believe will be debated till the end of time :joy:

🔶 ZiiGaat Doscinco - #205 by apricotblossome simple: if you need an all around iem cause you don’t have others, and you listening genres are various take cincootres. If you already have other neutral iems and want to add a more coloured not neutral iem that will probably shine in one or two genres (and also if you are planning to take other iems to make a collection including cincotres) take first the doscinco! i listend to the siriusb demo on youtube and he was shocked (keeping in mind his preferences in genres) from doscinco and i took them


Damn I was leaning Cinco first but your description would actually point me towards Doscinco lol

Thanks brew, that’ll slightly help between choosing


i was having a hard time chosing aswell and i ordered the Doscinco, if i dont like it ill send it back or sell it. I love bass and listen to mostly bassy genres however something tells me i shouldhave went with Cincotres because it is more versatile, from my AutoEQ it seems like it sounds more real and nouanced in the vocals and instruments, more space between the sounds, vocals seem to have more space to breathe. Also Doscinco upper mids in the 4-6k area are more pronounced which can be a problem sometimes. Keep in mind i havent recieved my set yet, i will post some updates when it arrives.

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Yeah I’m still leaning on buying the Cincotres since Project M was supposed to be my allrounder but it can be sibilant on some songs

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ive been listening to both today and while I don’t have enough ear time on them to give a detailed comparison I much prefer the doscinco to the cincotres. The doscinco is warmer and bassier but that makes its a more interesting replay to me than the cincotres which sounds great but also a bit basic. I think either would would work for as an all rounder and the differences are noticeable but pretty minimal. If you like a cleaner replay go cincotres if you like a warmer replay go doscinco.


Good point, considering I already have the MP145, that’s the reason why I went with the DosCinco’s


A recent unfavorable review on Amazon (not mine) called the Cincotres bass cannons with unnatural midrange.

Allow me to preface this by saying that I have spent a considerable amount of my life in professional studios, and an even more considerable amount of my life doing work in the professional audio field.

-Bass can be very enjoyable.
-They look fantastic.
-The cable is VERY nice.
-They include a carrying case.

-Pretty much everything else.

These are NOT studio reference tuned. These are bass cannons. These are bassy to the point where it literally drowns out other parts of the frequency sectrum. On a positive note, EQ can help this part. I actually enjoy their ability to punch with kicks as their transient response in the low-end is rather nice. Sub bass has a nice rumble.
Some bothersome mid bass bloat is present out of the box, but an EQ with a gentle -0.8dB to -1.4dB between abput 75Hz to 97Hz can fix that and clean it up nicely.
These can’t reproduce the low-end of a snare snap to save them. Dave Matthews Band recordings, which have some of the most brilliantly recorded snares I’ve ever heard, sound like someone ran them through several hundred layers of cheese cloth, then EQd all highs back in and forgot the mids.

Which brings us to the worst part…

There is something fundamentally wrong with the way these reproduce mids. I suspect the crossovers are to blame here, although it could just be bad shells around the balanced armature drivers bringing out the worst in their timbre.

I can’t get any kind of guitar (acoustic or electric) to sound natural, and these things just suck the life out of female vocalists (Imogen Heap, AURORA, Vanessa Carlton, etc…)

No amount of EQ given to the mids conjured any semblance of liveliness. They could get nasty sounding and way out front, but they just sounded off no matter what I did. Tip rolling (stock narrow bore, stock wide bore, SpinFit W1, SpinFit CP145, Stock memory foam, Truthear stock Wide bore and narrow bore and memory foam, Comply tips) did nothing to alleviate any of this. I played with EQ for hours trying to get these to sound right and just gave up and returned them (after properly cleaning and sanitizing them, of course)

I can put in my Truthear Hexas and boost the bass by maybe 1dB and fall in love, despite their shortcomings in treble reproduction. Neumann NDH 30s have spoiled me to accurate mids. Even my KZ ZAX sound better, though with less technical detail.

The only thing I found myself enjoying was 2000s era trance and EDM. IE “loudness wars” era synth music. As soon as real acoustic instruments are introduced, these things just fall apart. Even then, even with synth-driven music, there are mid focused effects in tracks like Pendulum’s “The Fountain” and “The Island Pt 2” that you know are supposed to have a little bite and growl, and the Cincotres just can’t do it.

For gaming, they’re not good. I don’t need to hear my footsteps go boom. That doesn’t match the sound of my body reverberating with the footstep. It just matches the mic recording my body making a thump at the ground level. They’re tinny in the high end, so reloads were a little ear piercing. The jangle of picking up ammunition or collecting metallic objects was accurate in reproduction of the recording, but sibilant and piercy in practice. EQ, again, kind of helped this, but never made it right.
Car engines, on the other hand, had a little weight in them. That was kinda nice.

Do yourself a favor and avoid these. They truly are not worth the price of admission unless you’re only listening to electronic music with no female vocalists. If rock, acoustic, jazz, or any female vocalists are part of your rotation, leave these be. You can still get a better sound for techno out of other units, too.

I leave three stars for included accessories, the look of the IEMs themelves, and mostly accurate detail reproduction.

I give 2.5 stars to timbre. EQ can help the Cincotres, but it cannot save them.


any new form Ziigaat owners? mine are arriving the 12th. meanwhile (spoiler i’m going out of thread) i got the dongle colorfly cdm1p a very musical swiss knife i recommend it to you all. The only three dac dongle that i enjoyed using are ifi gryphon, dc03pro ibasso (not at the level of the ifi and colorfly so you can forget it), and this cm1p. Sent back or sold the qwestyle m12, moondrop dawn ibasso dc04pro, fiio btr7, penon tail, qudelix 5k. Colorfly is intriguing me a lot, maybe bass are a little shy but voicese and chord instruments are so sweet and micro dynamics are excellent as the separation of instruments and the echoes…its so organic and involving and i payed it only 61 euros in the spring sale to hifigo…uao its a keeper. Now i’m testing the 4,4mm exit…a little more bass and musicality (timing of music and dynamics) at the top. just a bit hard on consonant in vocals than the ifi gryphon (600 euros!!!) but i can’t stop hearing it. Qudelix was terrible with s t f consonants and was thin sounding. with colorfly you have the sensation to be in a live show, you are intrigued and fascinated from music.

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If you like the Colorfly, you would adore the Hiby FC6. It is on sale for $180 from time to time.

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just got this through amazon yesterday, should be an easy exchange

failing to QC the screen on the vent out of all the complexity on IEMs is fairly comical, to me at least. didn’t seem to be a repackage by amazon to try to pass it off from another customer return either.

unfortunately i can’t seem to adjust the screen and re-glue it myself without piercing the screen or knocking it inside the shell because it’s still glued in place enough that i can’t easily adjust it, thus amazon exchange.

haven’t had time to seriously use them yet, just plugged in for a minute to verify that they didn’t seem to have any obvious driver failures, etc.


Yeah I’ve seen it on sale but 180 was too much to give it a try instead I know from Andy donglemadness that colorfly was almost the same but with more power and balanced outputs and three times less expensive! This is the stenght point of this product: obtain the , let’s say, 80% of fc6 at 1/3 of the price.

For what concern zigaat QC I hope they were isolate episodes.

Anyone else experiencing driver flex when inserting the Doscinco iems? Makes a squishy sound when I put them in :confused: