🔶 ZiiGaat Doscinco

Tough to say without both in front of me, but If I were choosing between the two, I’d pick up the Ziigaat because it just sounds more balanced and refined in the upper mid range. On the flip side, I felt like the DaVincis had better bass reproduction in terms of slam, impact and overall texture. But again, it’s hard to say without them both being in front of me. I just finished up reviewing the DaVincis and the bass was the standout for me personally.


I got the mega 5est(used) & EA1000 so I am done for now at least, but I need something with great bass. Fatfreq isn’t my type of sound. Let’s see how much the Doscinco is in this Linsoul sale.


Dooood, that is a very nice 2 IEM solution right there, good choices, I think you’ll be very happy.


@ZeusPro low key convinced me to get a ea1000 and just modding it.

Got my linsoul coupon. Now just waiting to see the price. It’s kinda funny. I asked a bunch of people about dos vs Davinchi. Some of them said Davinchi has better timber, others said Dos has better timber. Same with mids, Davinchi is a bit dark in the treble. Dos is probably gonna be brighter.

I’m wandering Davinchi’s bass sounds better due to being dark in the treble, or rather perceived bass. Same with dos, how’s the bass gonna sound due to brighter treble.

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