For Sale: Audeze LCD-X SOLD

Price: $850 USD
Ships To: CONUS

Audeze LCD-X, Creator Package.

Purchased in February/March of 2019, these are Fazor with Felt backing. Used daily for over a year with a recently replaced leather suspension strap. I’m selling because I don’t really use them much (after a recent Lawton Mod), and I’d rather put the money towards electronics upgrades.

There are some scratches on the right side aluminum adjustment block (shown below) and the left side nylon adjustment screw is missing. Other than than that, they are in very good condition.

Purchase includes: LCD-X, original cable, and packaging. Purchase price includes shipping to Continental United States.


glws I have them and love them… awesome set of cans for anyone looking to dip their to into the audeze waters.

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items for sale should probably be limited to the buy/sell thread maybe? sweet and though and nice price :+1:

Thanks @rmsanger. They are great headphones, I just don’t use them much any longer and figured they’d be better off being used by a new owner. :+1:t4:

Apologies @donjklassen, I’m used to creating a “For Sale” post from another forum.

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hey no worries and im no moderator I just think that’s how the mods like it done here :man_shrugging:

trade ya a canon 300mm f2/8L lens :wink:

Haha. Thanks, but I’m a Sony E-mount guy.

I want to put the money towards audio any ways. :grin:

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Damn i’d love to get these. But i just spent a bunch of money.

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These are now SOLD. Thanks for looking.