IEM discussion thread (Part 2)

This probably should be in a topic that addresses what constitutes as technicalities and performance at certain price ranges (which itself can be a bit of a wash), but I’ll include stuff I typically keep an ear out for:

  • A significant chunk of my listening is busy contemporary jazz and jazz-fusion, so I’ll put something on like Snarky Puppy and sus out the individual instruments/lines and listen to how clear they come across. This can be applied to orchestral music or field-recordings as well.
  • The timbre of percussive instruments like drums, I notice, varies by driver type and tuning. It’s also beneficial to understand how you hear instruments in a real-world scenario to compare to how a recording sounds on headphones/iem/speakers.
  • If one set has a certain type or any combination of treble, mid, and bass characteristics, tinker with EQ if you can with the cheaper IEM to see if you can get it where you like it and then do some additional comparisons. Also if you have different sources on hand, try the IEM on each of those as well.
  • It sounds weird, but one way I evaluate stage and clarity of images is to put one of those “8D Audio” tracks on YouTube which is just stereo panning and some eq effects. For something more comprehensive, Abyss has that “Ultimate Headphones Test”.

At the end of the day, what matters if it gels with your existing library of music, so put on your favorite music. Just because something is detail-forward doesn’t mean it will always be the best match. There’s a reason why I keep mucking around in chifi when I’ve largely wrapped up the headphone side of things :joy: , either that or I’m a terrible spender (more the latter, lol.)

Also, in true audiophile test-track spirit, listen to “Hotel California” enough times to gouge your ears out.


All done buddy :+1:


Let’s keep the convo going from the last IEM thread.

Has anybody here tried the Chopin?

Just noted your tag:

It’s been discussed already back in August,

You can read the posts near this anchor post:

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I have but I won’t be back to my home untill December

Just a follow up. decided to drop the ball on me completely and not even to reply on my mails since beginning of the last week. The set is fixed now by me, but it still leaves the bad taste in mouth as they don’t know that and I even wrote them that warranty repair is the last thing I want to do and maybe they have good ideas on fixing the earpiece without that…

So receives my highest level of disapproval for not being customer forward :-1:


Chap I am so sorry that is awful behaviour but something that apparently has become more and more prevalent in the last few years :-1:. Thank you for updating on this and making people aware of the shit customer service that one of the few European stores offer and how they go about handling their affairs.

I am glad you managed to get the set working again - but perhaps consider in these circumstances if you have any performance concerns - and I am aware this is not technically correct/ethical but needs must and all that - buy a new version of the IEM from them using PayPal and a credit card / say it is faulty and enact a warranty return as you are now the primary buyer - then return the faulty one and keep the good one - let them refund you or enact a charge back from Paypal &/or your credit card company.

Walk away with your money back and a working IEM where you just paid the used price. :+1:


Well one thing is that my lawful neutral morality would not allow me for doing such thing, the second is that the Twilights are serialized and marked on both box and the shell itself :balance_scale:


My favorite set under $200 easily


My set arrived today from Hifigo. Wow, love them!

The only gripe I have with it is the imaging and separation could definitely be better but other than that I love the overall fun it brings to my library


Okay, so I went ahead and got a pair of the ThieAudio Prestige LTD to compare on my own rigs to the Prestige OG that I love so much thinking that I would keep the pair that I liked best. After a few weeks of comparison, the Prestige LTD were sold to a friend of mine. I find the OG Prestige to have a bit more of an aggressive character that I think the LTD lacks and I personally enjoy how intense the higher end gets in comparison to the LTD. I was just wondering if anyone here has experience with both and came away feeling the same way I do. I think I might be a bit unique in this regard since I find the TA Excalibur and the Dunu EST112 to both be better than the Oracle, Oracle Mk2, and the other mid level EST based IEMs I have tried so I guess I fall well outside the mainstream in my preferences on the tribrid setups in general. Hence, why I was asking since I just wanted to see if anyone out there feels the same way.

I also have a pair of Trailli JPs on their way to me as a trade for my Subtonic Storms which never quite clicked with me despite being obviously and exceptionally well made and certainly elite IEM. Point being, stay tuned for thoughts on the Trailli.


I’m starting to not feel sorry for folk who deal with boomerang Bob #Trinity #IMR…It’s not like they’ve not been warned enough times…


I’m in that thread for the Greek comedy/tragedy levels of drama at this point


Once a scammer, always a scammer.



TBH the whole Bob/IMR/Trinity thing is like one of those weird cults, where everyone inside sees all that shit as normal, everyone outside be like really…


New from CFA…

This hybrid IEM is supremely balanced, filled with intricate detail, sweet, forward vocals, and overall superb technical abilities. Wrapped in our brushed stainless steel shell with black PVD accents and a vinyl lid insert with stainless CA emblem, BlackStar is elegant and refined in form and function.

BlackStar is $999


“Extra special” doesn’t inspire confidence in me…


Tingker H16 showed up

I picked it up from the 11.11 sale I would say for $100 dollars it is a solid all BA set.

Some quick impressions . Warm polite listen with decent staging(more depth then width) and techs at the price. It does have a single vent hole but people prone to vent pressure still might need to be cautious.

Frequency response off of a clone coupler