M0N Should have his own Youtube audio review show

I’m sure we can all contest that M0N has given us a perspective on all this audio gear and tech that we’d be hard to find anywhere else. And its a perspective that is not really found among many audio reviewers out there either. I propose that M0N should start his own audio review channel. Filmed from his studio, on Youtube. What do you guys think?


I think telling M0N what to do or trying to pressure him to doing anything other than continuing to offer his great advice is a bit much.


Youre right Dago. ive been a very naughty boy. please excuse me

Was there a distinguishing characteristic you had in mind?

Anyway, M0N has no desire and is unwilling give written reviews here (as of at least last time I saw him talk about it). So it’s hard to imagine him ever doing a Youtube channel.

Isn’t M0N an AI shill plugin for Discourse available on Github?

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I’ll be honest, I would love a link to help shoot commission M0N’s way. His recommendations on Bifrost 2 + RNHP saved my LCD X disappointment. Nothing like your first $1k headphones making you sad because the rest of the chain (prior) made them sound terrible.

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Here’s a purely practical point. HFGF is the creation of and I believe funded by Zeos. Zeos earns his daily bread from his YT channel. I’d think M0N would have to cease having a presence on HFGF if he started his own YT headphone review channel out of sheer conflict of interest considerations.

Now, a channel that was non-review in nature might be a different matter. More a “welcome to the wonderful world of personal audio” focus. But even then IIRC there would be some conflict with his current day job.

I think it would be neat if M0N would be up for some Q&A tho.

I wasn’t going to reply to this thread, but q&a for what? That’s literally all I do on this forum lol


well…Q&A with the purpose of making stickies that have answers of the basic questions for the new / uninitiated / uninformed.

There have been so many of those tbh, here is a larger thread off the top of my head, some good info in here

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yes…but if we made a sticky that guided newbs to basic but detailed / easy to understand info, that would be great.

Have you ever thought of doing a show or something? you seem to know a lot that other reviewers dont know. your experience is unique. Dont you want to go on youtube and dump on the THX amps? It would be a career making move. Like Zeos hating the m50x. And you could get a skeptical opinion out there. cause everyone seems to love it. Stuff like that. You never played with the idea?

Well that wouldn’t involve just me, that’s more of a community effort thing, it’s also hard to do that stuff as there are lots of different opinions

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but yours are always right, Lord M0N!

Why would I? I’m not here to start conflict with other people or disregard their experience. I do have a somewhat stronger opinion of thx than normal, but I’m not going to hate on someone because they like the amp, I’m just going to say what I think and move on. I’m personally more against the whole ideas and misconceptions surrounding thx, the actual amps are meh but not actually horrible imo, I just think you can do better, but if you have one, no real harm done

I’m not here to get big or anything like that lol, this forum is seriously just a way to alleviate boredom and meet some neat people to talk to, really not interested in doing for a career or anything, I’m just here to have fun. If I wanted to do reviews I would have started a long time ago, imo sucks the fun out of the hobby for me


This is where it gets sticky, and I really respect @M0N’s position here. If he attached all, or even just some, of his livelihood to reviewing gear then he would not be as free to be openly skeptical. For reviewers that do reviewing for a living, they have to be careful to frame their views in a way that is diplomatic enough that a manufacturer keeps coming back to them for more reviews. M0N has the freedom to say things of the nature “THX amps fall apart with more expensive headphones” because there is no risk of Drop - who has gone in deep with THX tech - pulling their support of his work. We here at HFGF can get his honest, straightforward, non-confusing opinion because he’s free to give it here. If he dropped that independence, we likely wouldn’t get it as clearly.

What I’m NOT saying here is that all reviewers are bought and compromised. What I am saying is that they can’t go on being reviewers and continue to earn a living in this career if they say things like “THX amps fall apart with more expensive headphones” frequently. Even if they don’t like something, they have to find a way to say it that doesn’t undermine their business. If you look around, reviewers themselves say this. I have read pieces about “Why are there no negative reviews?” Basically the answer is, there can’t be.

I’m grateful @M0N is here and agreed to moderate this forum. It appears he’s helped many of us make more informed choices. When he says he states his opinion and moves on, I believe him, and we all benefit from it.


I would also assume you would do things to appease your audience moreso than a company imo, if you do something that your audience isn’t a fan of, then that can screw things up for a reviewer. Look at amir for example, if he reviewed an amp that didn’t measure well but then recommended it based on subjective listening tests as it sounded better to him than other better measuring options, what do you think would happen lol?

Which most of the people on this forum do as well, it’s a pretty great place here

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This is another good point. I think Amir is covered on the manufacturer side because he actually doesn’t offer much in the way of subjective opinion at all. His bottom line is usually “recommend” or “not recommend” and those determinations are based on some measurement thresholds. His consistency with sticking with measurements has also had the upshot of keeping manufacturers honest in reporting their specs. Because his reviews basically are just measurement reports, the embarrassment of claiming something like “1 watt with .01% THD” when it’s really .75W with 1% THD is a helpful measure of accountability. But you are right, if Amir ever said “measurements aren’t everything” the torches and pitchforks would come out quickly.

I just think theres a lot of nonsense in the audiophile world. but all the reviewers are these nice amiable fellows lol. For once i would love someone to come along whos not afraid to let em have it. I’m not saying i want a angry video game nerd of audio. but i would like to see a little indignation. or at least a little truth lol