Rant thread - share your grievances, not just audio

Don’t worry brother my monkey brain did need more than one try to figure it out till I remembered that ohm is is British :face_with_monocle: and i need to adjust my translation dialect :laughing::joy:


There’s a joke like this in Beneath A Steel Sky (British company made it, Revolution Software)… check the sign on the right inside the “Anchor Insurance” building.

(More blurred than I remember… reads “Don’t be a w… just use anc…”)


If there is one thing I will never understand about my truck is why the heat and AC work the way they do.
Best fan setting for the AC? Second from the lowest.

Heat? With the fan on it’s lowest setting, blowing at your feet and up through the vents, with the engine temperature perfectly fine… 150°F (~65.6°C)

I don’t like the cold, but holy crap on a cracker does that get hot!


“Holy crap on a cracker,” huh? That’s a new one for me. :joy: As for the AC/Heater thing, at least they both work. That’s at least half the battle won right there.

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Dehumidifier was leaking since at least last night, warped boards as a result. 18 month old dropped a can of ginger ale (not usually soda fans but wife is pregnant with third) on the tile floor and it legit handgrenaded shocking the daylights out of her. A lot of floor mopping later I then notice sticky droplets on the underside of cabinets higher than I am tall. It was quite the bottle rocket! Just finished getting the high areas too. In the process, found our very first cockroach inside the house, (so far lucky enough to have only found one outside it in 2 years, sad for the streak to end) in the glue trap under the oven. Still in pretty good spirits, but quite a rollercoaster!

Edit: aaaand, day 3 of Adderall. Felt like I noticed something subtle the first day, nothing really yesterday or today so far. Still convinced I’m stimulant-proof! Experiments include a certain powder in my art school days, and 100% pure caffeine powder around the same time. There are still more to try I guess, or maybe different doses. Not sure what would cause stimulants as a whole to really not alter me.


Ginger ale is like super-carbonated so I feel your pain! Good luck with getting the meds right. Figuring the meds or some other method of keeping our crazy heads in check can be a huge step towards happiness and contentment. Just keep your chin up and stick with it. The process can sometimes be long and/or frustrating (though hopefully yours won’t be) so just remember to remind yourself that if you have an issue serious enough that it causes you to seek help/treatment then it’s worth it to stick it out, explore options, and get it properly addressed. You got this, bro!

P.S. Coke, meth, and other stimulants never did much for me either. I don’t think I have ADHD so I’ve always wondered why.

P.P.S. Fuck cockroaches!


Thanks for your understanding for each of the things that came up!

No problem, brother. I am bipolar type 1 and suffer from PTSD so I have had to go through quite a bit of the “musical chairs - medication edition” myself. As a guy with pretty severe manic symptoms that only became exacerbated (to the point of having a few actual psychotic breaks/episodes before I ever sought treatment for either disorder) by the PTSD from my military service, getting my meds in order and finding a psychiatrist and psychologist willing to work together to combine meds and a therapy regime made all the difference in the world. It has been a long road and has been quite frustrating at times, but I don’t have words for how worth it the whole process is when you find the right answer for your particular psychological riddle. I went from life coming apart at the the seems to being stable, productive, and quite happy. So, like I said, just be persistent and keep your head up.

P.S. If you ever need to talk, vent, or whatever, my inbox is always open.


Just want to say, FUCK AVG antivirus. Was giving me problems for the past two weeks when trying to make purchases online with paypal and I didn’t even know it. The damn “web shield” was blocking sites without me knowing it and causing chrome to throw security errors bc it couldn’t get a security key response from the site preventing access. I couldn’t get on p-bandai or paypal and couldn’t figure out why all of the sudden they stopped working. Past couple days I’ve been trying to make a purchase off of the letshouer site and the only payment they accept is paypal. Well the web shield has been blocking access to paypal itself so whenever I went to checkout there was nothing to click to finish the process. Today I got in contact with @shuoer through discord and he linked me to the aliexpress page instead. Again, paypal won’t work in the checkout process so I have to fuck around with google pay and my card throwing fraud alerts before any payment actually goes through. I end up doing some searching trying to figure out what’s causing all this trouble and find a support page. One of the things listed was possibly the antivirus doing dumb shit. Turn off the “web shield” and tada it all works just fine. There was no indication or a notification that it was even turned on. All this headache bc avg decided it knew what was best for me.

Edit: on the plus side I got a huge discount by going through aliexpress. The initial price would’ve matched the price on the letshouer site with the 10% newsletter discount so $481 before taxes. After taxes it went up to $522. Using the Honey extension and going through a bunch a discount codes the total ended up at $462 so I got a brand new pair of ej07ms for over $200 off of the normal price.


Every cloud has a silver lining as they say :smiley:…hope you enjoy your new set :notes::+1: