Semi-open headphone around $500

are there any other semi open options worth taking a look at other than the 880 and 1990? I can’t have the full leakage that an open back has, that dream died quickly. i did enjoy the 1990 while i had them. is there any option that the cups can lay flat like the NDH20 for instance or even an option that allows full movement like a combo of both the 880 and NDH20? Lets say around $500 budget and primarily for gaming.

welp audio quest nighthawk carbons come to mind…


Hmmm. For mostly gaming, that’s closed or semi open with movement is hard to fulfill. If you could remove that requirement about laying flat or swivel that would make things easier

oops didnt notice the lay flat part

For casual gaming and if he didn’t need the swivel yes, but for competitive I don’t know if that would be my pick

there really arent many semi opens in the market so it makes things hard

Also true, I was think the fostex t60rp perhaps but no swivel. The x00 ebony would also be nice

Swivel is the word i was looking for. thanks. is it safe to say that there isn’t an option with these requirements? i struggle with the lack of rotation the beyerdynamics have thus not forming to my head.

maybe a pad change could benefit you? maybe an angled pad?

now that’s a good point. wonder if anyone has experience with pad swapping and beyerdynamics.

t60rp over the argons? and is drop bringing back the x00? also, what’s the typical price of the x00?

those are all the pad rolling stuff people did with the `1990

Yes imo because it’s actually readily available compared to the argons. Drop most likely is not bringing back the x00 it was discontinued. You would be looking around perhaps 350-500

thanks so much! i’ll read those

t60rp or x00? if x00, any recommended sites?

You would want to look on used sites. You can look on to find a deal

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That’s the website I was using too lol. It’s great.
Do you have a powerful amp for the T60rp? They are notoriously hard to drive properly.

that i do. thanks!

Cool. What is it?