Show me your wood ;)


I’ll show you mine first.

TR-X00 Purple Heart cups

Museum grade Waterfall Bubinga Lawton chambers

And last but not least, some dank Grados (Hemp wood).

Now show me yours.

(Please specify the type of wood if possible)


The Denon D7200 Walnut cups,but i have sell the Denon now for one Week ago.And replace it for a Audeze Lcd 2 Classic.


Fostex Modded of Emu Ebony Cups


The Denon D2000 mod Emu Rosewood,are the best shining i find and beautiful work.


Next Year the Lawton Mod definitiv.


Comparison between Fostex and Lawton purpleheart.


Grado GH2’s in Cocobolo and TH-610’s in Walnut.



Fostex TH-610 – Black Walnut, matte finish

Denon D5000 – Lawton, Wild Sissoo Rosewood


Audeze LCD-2.2 Pre Fazor
Shedua Rosewood


My precious…
E-MU Teaks



Show me your wood people. I know you have it.

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Looks good, but what is it?

Do you not see the natural wood binding?

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Yes, but what is the box? Is it like a bottle head crack or something?

Dang man that looks sweet!

ZMF Eikon
Rusted Zebra Wood


I don’t have a use case for a bottlehead crack but man, if I did I would want a chassis like that - That is the best looking example I have seen - NICE!

Wood care day!

Also have some Lawton and EMU cups coming, as well as more audio Technica, Denon and Fostex wooden headphones lol. I’m just a furniture guy


How’s the W1000 Sovreign? Typical AT house sound?

Kinda interested in hunting for a used one in the future to compliment an EW9 I will be getting soon.

I think ATH house sound changes over time. I have not had the chance to listen to the limited versions so I can only comment on the non-limited ones. Roughly speaking:

  1. W10VTG – very warm, rich bass, slightly dark
  2. W100 (which I do not own) – according to reviews it is the opposite of W10VTG, neutral and almost reference tuning
  3. W1000 – no bass, moderately warm, beautiful treble for female vocals, which in my opinion is very close to ESW9
  4. W5000 – no bass, slightly bright, still beautiful treble, very resolving – possibly closer to EW9 (I need to double-confirm this as I have sold mine a while ago but saw the re-release this year and it is on the way)
  5. W1000x, W1000z, A2000x, A2000z, WP900, AP2000Ti, probably AWKT, AWAS – finally the modern AT house sound, still beautiful treble, but now we also have bass, tuning is more balanced and technical performance is on par with rivals
    P.S. there is also lower end stuff like MSR7, SR9, M70x, and then AD series which have a similar but different house, somewhat also focusing on treble, intimate soundstage, some sort of ASMR sound effect for vocals imho, lean, no bass etc. woodies tend to be richer and fuller.

So…long story short I think it could compliment EW9 well as one is warm and one is ‘cold’, and yes, typical post-2000 AT house sound. Plus, the wood used is Japanese (Asada?) cherry wood which they haven’t used since, until EW9 (I think?) and then AWAS, so by the looks it’d be a very nice compliment haha.

Not sure where you’re based, but in my experience they don’t come up often. I found mine on Amazon JP and from time to time they come up on Mercari and Yahoo Auction JP as well but you would need some sort of purchasing agency

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What for Phone is the red Audio technice?It looks nicly for me, :sweat_smile: