🔶 Shuoer EJ07M

Thinking about the M Tuning I would like more sub bass shelf with my old ears some extra highs would be nice too. The OG and M look similar on some squig so not sure what to do hear since I bought the Canon I now have a bassier iem more balanced than the Globe lol.

Since I would like a bit more on both ends any rec on the Tuning or leave it be?

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It looked like silver to me when I checked this morning.

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If you mean more U shape, M for sure! OG is more relaxed.

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

Will also go with EJ07m for the exact same reason

But first it needs to arrive in China and until then i am jumping back and forth on what design to choose or if i should just save the money and keep the lava shell, did not have any fit/resonance issues with it

Some shots of my babies (blue one designed by @CT007 )


They look great

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3 sets you baller sweet!


Here’s mine, I went dark (to give some contrast with the other colourways):


We have the same red case, too haha. (I keep my flash drive in it, tho)

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Going full Dark Blue Transparent going to look killer .


Don’t forget to add something about the tuning if you still want to change it.

Look hot :fire:

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Thanks Nymz , i believe Joseph added the 3db Sub bass boost in the instructions I asked for a tad more high shelf if possible dont think 1 db going to effect the balance of the tuning if they can do as well.

Been great dealing with Joseph and LETSHOUER!

Should have landed there already :roll_eyes:


Please let us know how this turns out… Fingers are crossed :wink::crossed_fingers:t2:
Hope you will get it back soon before mine finally arrives in China.
If it turns out well its definitely something to consider :slight_smile: