V shaped headphone

Hello. I was using the hifiguides.com headphone selection site to figure out what I want next. Are there really only 2 headphones that are V-shaped under $500 or so?

I currently have a 58x and it is okay. I got it based on an LTT ad and it seemed like it would be pretty good, but I don’t find it any better than my gaming headsets. I like bass and the 58x seem to be fine everywhere else but bass.

I’ve lurked around and read a lot of posts but nothing that really applies to what I’m looking for and understand.

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@OnyxSlam There are way more V shaped headphones than that. My questions to you would be, what music do you listen to, do you have a preference of closed back vs open, portable vs no need for portable, and what is your budget?

I was hoping to upgrade for less that $500 but that seems to be where the guide doesn’t have any until around $400 or so. There doesn’t seem to be much options.

The 58x is closed back and I’m fine with that. When you say portable, do you mean that I can fold it up? Like those bluetooth ANC headphones? No, I don’t think I care for that. I didn’t want to a bluetooth headphone.

Is gaming performance necessary. And do you mind closed backs?

The Sivga P2 is the best V shaped headphone value imo. 400$ on Amazon

The 58x is actually open back, meaning it leaks sound out the back. Is that a problem or not for you? Also, portable in this case means is it easy to take with you outside of the house and does not require a good portable amp/dac.

Gaming performance is not important. I used to play and so I have gaming headsets. Now I work more while listening to music.

I don’t mind closed backs. The 58x is the only open back I ever had.

Really? I’ll do some research on that one.

What music do you listen to, and what did you like about the 58x, and what did you want to change?

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Oh I see I may have got them switched. Open back is not a big deal I also listen to speakers. All I’m trying to do is getting something v-shaped. That would have a bassier signature from what I have read.

I have a Nuforce Icon that I got with the 58x on Drop at the same time. I don’t think I can take out outdoors. I listen inside.

If you don’t mind on-ears, the 1More Triple Driver might be really fun, you would just want to get a decent portable amp/DAC for it like the BTR5.
Another option is the DT177x Go, another really good V shaped pair. Nice bass, and good treble detail.

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What are you people writing a book here. All these questions :smile: 1 dude gave me an actual headphone that is V-shaped. So far I have 3 headphones that are under $500 to look into.

I like rap, hip hop, metal, alternative.

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Have you heard of the Audioquest Nighthawk Carbon? They have more of a W shape sound but they actually have really nice really low bass, good vocals, and excellent highs that aren’t too sharp. They are my favorite headphones for rap, hip hop, and metal. They have a unique sound and almost 3D like imaging that makes you feel super immersed in the music. They really might be worth a try, and they don’t need a great amplifier since they are easier to drive than the 58x even.

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It has low bass? I wanted something that had higher bass. I don’t know if that one is for me.

Oh? V shaped means that it has good lower bass usually, meaning the super low frequencies that rumble and shake. Higher bass is what gives headphones warmth.
Might you be looking for a warmer bassy headphone then that tones treble down?

I don’t know I’m confused. I just want a lot of bass, more than the 58x. If it is low in bass then it doesn’t have that much bass right?

Sorry, I think I am confusing you. This quick video might help here.

Just wanting to know what you like to make an informed decision. Since you mentioned you want really good bass, the sivga actually isn’t the best choice for you imo. The sivga has clean bass but it’s not really able to dig deep or slam


Thanks I’ll watch.

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Oh I see. I don’t mind the questions. It just seemed quite cumbersome at the time. I appreciate the questions honestly. I want to make the most informed decision.

Okay, I didn’t like the looks of it anyway. Not that it matters. I just want to spend my money on something where I also like the looks.