DROP and Amazon Deals

This thread is exclusively for Massdrop and Amazon deals by popular request of the community. If you think there’s a good price on either of those sites, please post it here. If the deal is from another site, please post it in the general DEALS thread.

This needed to be made because of the volume of drop and amazon deals that come up and are linked, and their sometimes dubious deal-worthiness. Please refrain from posting non-drop and non-amazon deals here.

Thank you!


Alpha and Delta KS3 for $89


WTF. Drop brought back the D50s at $225. That’s half as good as the previous deal. But it’s also apparently sold out? Also Drop now charges sales tax? I guess I’ll look elsewhere. If anyone wants to sell their D50s message me lol


Some of the other Topping items may still be worth it

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Small sale on Koss Portapros for canadians, now 49$CAD, ship and sold by Amazon.ca.


Sony summer sale on Amazon US and UK. WH-1000XM3 for 233USD/Pound:

WH-1000XM3 in UK:

And I think you can get this deal in the US:

Amazon has a renewed pair of XM3 for $219:

Emu Wood series
non remove able cable version on the sadly but still a decent price

Drop KPH 30i for $20 !!!