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  • Type: Over Ear
  • Amp needed: Yes
  • Open Back

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Z Reviews…

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lol I take the … is to imply passive aggressive displeasure in Zeos not reviewing the product.

Or it could be to signal an upcoming review, but who knows lol

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but why not both? out of curiosity what headphone is the M1570 stealing its base design from?

He posted a pic of this headphone on Instagram so I’m sure he will review it :+1:

The cups are pretty audeze like and the headband is a rip off focal headband

I found this FR graph of the 1570, seems to be the only one so far:

Seems like its using the HEQ compensation so harman also note that its in 2db increments so the diferences between the highs and the peaks are exagerated compared to more usual graphs

I would definitely wait for more graphs and reviews tho before judging this headphone

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Going from personal ownership these are the favorite set I own. Preferred over my elex and aivas. Cleaner then the aiva with pronounced mids and less aggressive highs then the elex while having a similar Soundstage. They really showcase the difference in sound and quality between my amps too.


That is very high praise indeed – though I have heard the Blon B20 and not the Aiva. Elex is probably my favorite headphone right now.
I find the graph posted above slightly troubling, though home-rigs being what they are, I’m not entirely sure how much weight to give it.
Also hearing about the cable (possibly) issues, and the current-protection tripping on some amps has me slightly concerned. I sure would love to know these are giant killers, though!

From my experience no they aren’t giant killers but they are pretty good if current units sound as good as the one’s I heard

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Any Amp I’ve used has had no problem. I think the issue is people are using audeze cables on a set of headphones that are internally wired differently.

SE cable was also causing issues.

Graphs again:

I would love to try a pair of these as most people seem to agree they’re a superb sounding pair of headphones. And the price isn’t that high in today’s market. The thing that doesn’t attract me is the weight.

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To those who were interested in these, Monoprice has some of them open-box on sale for 449, on top of the 449 you can get 15% off using the code ex15 bringing them to 382+shipping.


Same code applies to the open box M1070, listed at $287.99, bringing the total to $244.79

Are these headphones dark? seems like all the monoprice headphones are dark

I only have the M1070 for reference, and yes I’d say they lean dark, but that tends to be my preference.

Have you done a review or write up on those?

I would like to learn more about them.

I have not…have been enjoying just listening for pleasure too much to do much critical listening. Here’s the link to the official thread, though (first time trying to link to a thread, so hope it works). I will say that I prefer the sound with the Dekoni Elite Velour pads over the stock (PU?) leather.

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