Rumors and new releases thread

I also noted that they are out of stock everywhere for months… let’s hope for an even better Z2R.

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And cascading improvements please lol.


lets pray for them to not have abandoned us for TWS…


Newest HBB collab has launched at Linsoul


I love the design. Minimal and clean. Though the corners look too sharp.


I’ve seen these announced, I’m with you on the design. Like a budget MMR Thummin!
I wrongly remembered them as dual DD.

I’m not sure why dual DD isn’t more of a thing, there was a brief spat of them being implemented poorly in cheap overly bassy sets, but never as a well tuned alternative to hybrids. (Like taking the DLC from the Vortex and pairing it with the biocellulose from the Serial just for the low end… I’m not going to let that driam die!)

EDIT: Just noticed BGVP calling these “flasghip”. That makes the price (about $120 or a bit less) all the more surprising. Time to read up on the driver material and wait for graphs.

I think these coming out in pink is new:

They were always a curiosity for me as they actually are dual DD, and are analog tuned. Double win for my tastes! On Penon there was always this version and Pro version, with no information at all about what the differences were. Reasonably priced set, and packaging is some of the best.

I really hope someone in this community has owned them at some point, it’s still a lot of money for me to blind drop and probably not recoup if it’s a miss. Great price if they’re well implemented…

Saw this new R2R DAC LADDER Schumann

Looks suspicious like an ares 2 XD
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the Chinese are excellent cloners…


I honestly think its most likely just from the same oem as Denafrips if you want to add another clone to the mix there is this thing from the french brand Armature called the Cronos Cronos - DAC R2R Symétrique - ARMATURE Audio
They even have a Holo Audio Spring one too Asterion DAC 24bit 384kHz I2S R2R DSD - ARMATURE audio

Wait a minute hold on its 749 euro for the ares clone and 1649 euros for the spring 3 clone that might be a solid choice

That is a remarkable copy of the Spring 3, assuming it looks like it does in the pics, and they didn’t just take pictures of the insides of a Spring 3 and Photoshop it a bit to change the color of the caps.

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Limited edition black and gold version of the Final Audio D8000 Pro. Only 200 will be available worldwide. Releases in November. Also available for pre-order on Headphones dot com

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I’d love to jump in to the discussion


Soncoz SGDP1 finally released. Price and performance is not competitive tho compared to purifi


Might I suggest ignoring and not engaging juliangst? Or maybe take it elsewhere. I may not speak for everyone but those of us subscribed to this thread for the sake of knowing about new products are probably uninterested in watching how this plays out.


I agree that we should go back to talking about new releases.
This isn’t going anywhere